Saturday, February 18, 2012

Long time no post!

Our web monkey, was a little distracted busy for the last few months and Florida, in winter just gets busier every year. You can't blame the girl, it was her first season.

The team has kicked off the year in an amazing way.

Henny  made several public outings at the Florida Horse Park, Del Ray and H.I.T.S. in preparing for his first Advanced this season, which he did in style. Only one, uncharacteristic rail in show jumping and Henny finished on a good dressage score and 7.2 points behind the leaders and third overall.

Baby Drake, following in the hooves of big brother Henny, successfully competed preliminary the first couple of weeks and this past weekend competed in his first Intermediate, finishing 6th overall at Rocking Horse.

Amy's two Connemaras, are also rocking right along. Completing BN and Novice divisions on good dressage scores, Amy is planning on bumping Laddie up to Training.

The team is also finalizing spring and summer plans for Henny and Drake, which will allow us to help finalize a clinic schedule. Stay tuned for those.

The year hasn't been without sadness as well. We bid an unexpected good bye to friend, Erica Marshall, who had died in the explosion at KESMARC. She was a lovely person, and will be missed. Our thoughts also go out to Sorcha Moneley, who is now listed as fair at the hospital.

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